Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Video Contest: No Offshore Drilling

Contest Information:

We need your help to stop offshore oil drilling from becoming a reality just 3 miles from Florida's beaches. To educate people about the destructive potential of offshore drilling and the potential consequences to Florida's marine environment and coastal economy, Save Our Shores! Florida is looking for video submissions in the following category:

  • A 30 second video that is usable as a TV public service announcement.
Two winning videos will be chosen. The winners' videos will be featured on the SOS! website, and will air on television stations across the state starting this summer.

Entries must be received by June 22, 2011. The contest winners will be notified via e-mail and announced to our Facebook group.

We are looking for videos that convey the urgency of preventing Florida's coastal areas from being opened to offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling. Examples of possible video topics include educating the public about:

  • The economic value of Florida's tourism economy and how offshore drilling might affect it.
  • The relative small amount of oil contained in our near-shores waters (refer to this study).
  • The fact that Florida and America cannot drill their way to energy independence: only conservation and a shift to clean, renewable energy sources can accomplish that goal.
  • The possible effects on endangered species, such as manatees and sea turtles, which are threatened by sonar seabed mapping and offshore oil drilling.

Getting Started — Basic Information:

Follow these two easy steps to enter the SOS! 'No Offshore Drilling' Video Contest:
Step 1: Get the Details
Videos must be exactly 30 seconds long and suitable for TV.

Videos will be judged on the basis of:
  • Creativity and originality
  • Quality
  • Technical Accuracy
  • Content of Message
  • Keep it clean. No violence, profanity, sex, or direct attacks on individuals or organizations.
  • Your video must not infringe on any third party rights.
By submitting a video to this contest, you grant SOS! a royalty-free license to copy, distribute, display and use your video for any educational purpose and in any media.

Step 2: Make your Video

Your video should meet the following requirements:
  • Your video must be submitted as a QuickTime/MOV, WMV, MPEG, AVI, and should be uploaded and posted to YouTube and emailed to our communications director.
  • The video file should not exceed 50 MB.
  • The video should end with text that directs the viewers to our website for a minimum of three seconds: www.sosfla.org
  • The two winners must provide copies of the original video files.
We are looking forward to seeing your submissions soon. Good luck!

To make a donation to help SOS! get the winning ads on television channels across the state, please click here.


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