Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Research & Policy Center

Save Our Shores! Florida conducts research and advocates solutions on issues dealing with policy making, legal action, and environmental justice through our Research & Policy Center. Our research aids elected officials, court justices, and private firms in making informed decisions on issues affecting Florida's coastal environment and economy. Additionally, we regularly engage in public demonstrations and educational campaigns to bring attention to issues critical to Florida's environment.

By combining independent research, practical ideas, and effective grassroots action, we help to overcome the opposition of special interests and win real results for Florida's environment.

Save Our Shores! Florida has been a key leader on environmental issues in Florida, including protecting our shores from offshore drilling, preventing seagrass habitat destruction, and protecting our state's treasured waterways.

To learn more about our consulting, research, and advocacy work, please send an email inquiry to judson@sosfla.org