Tuesday, January 15, 2008

About Save Our Shores! Florida

Save Our Shores! Florida is a statewide marine research and advocacy organization. We work to protect Florida's beaches and coastal environment through research, public education, advocating effective policy solutions, and calling on citizens to take direct action in defense of the environment.
By combining independent research, practical ideas, and effective grassroots action, we help to overcome the opposition of special interests and win real results for Florida's environment.
We have many ongoing projects in the state. Here are just a few of our most important campaigns:

Beach/Watershed Cleanups:
One of our most important goals is to help reduce the amount of debris and trash reaching our beaches and eventually making its way into the oceans, where it can harm marine life and birds and have negative effects on beach habitats. To accomplish this, we provide volunteers in communities across the state with opportunities to participate in trash prevention and trash cleanup efforts. These initiatives also help individuals and policy-makers make powerful connections between lifestyle choices and the greater biological community.

Stopping Offshore Drilling:
Offshore oil drilling is not the answer to higher gas prices or a real long term solution to American energy demands. While drillers may have something to gain, we can all be sure it is at the expense of coastal residents, beach tourists, sea turtles, manatees, migratory birds, and other sensitive marine life. America needs real energy solutions, not more pandering to oil profiteers. Read More...

Preventing Marine Runoff:
Coastal runoff is a major problem in Florida. We recycle very little of our treated wastewater and release much of it into the oceans where it harms coral reefs and other marine life and causes bacterial outbreaks which make the water unswimmable. Additionally, runoff from farm operations, golf courses, lawns, and even city streets eventually makes its way into the ocean. Our goal is to get Floridians thinking about personal pollution and ways to reduce and eventually eliminate as much as possible.
Follow the links below to find more information on past and current projects.