Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Standing Strong for the Everglades

The lush mangrove and sawgrass marshes of South Florida are the last of a great wilderness that, until the 20th century, stretched for hundreds of miles. The Everglades shelter countless species, including endangered Florida panthers, manatees, and American crocodiles.

Today, this natural wonder is besieged.  Sixty years of encroaching development have disrupted natural water flows, harmed wildlife with pollution run-off and destroyed more than half of the Everglades' unique, species-rich wetlands.

Right now, the Environmental Protection Agency is moving to reduce the flow of pollution from nearby developments into the Everglades and restore provisions of the Clean Water Act. The rules are due to be announced this fall, but big developers and their allies in Congress are already threatening to stop the EPA from doing its job.

The EPA needs to know that the public supports strong, sensible action to protect the Everglades. That's why we're mobilizing thousands of Floridians to urge the EPA to set rules that require developers to minimize harmful runoff.

Please take action by signing our petition today.
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