Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jobs with SOS! Florida

City Chapter Directors/Citizen Outreach Directors

SOS! Florida is hiring talented campaign directors who have the grit and motivation to start and build their own office, and effectively establish a city chapter of the state group. As a Chapter Director for SOS! Florida, you will organize and run campaigns in a city of your choice across the state with minimal oversight. You will recruit a small group of staff and volunteers who will spread the word about our campaigns, participate in direct actions on behalf of SOS! and raise money to support our cause. The goal of the program is to give the strength of local, decentralized structure to SOS! Florida's passionate campaigns for our marine environment. Essentially, your goal will be to build a team of committed activists who can mobilize hundreds of citizens to take action.

The Chapter Director will receive a start-up grant from SOS! Florida, and will be expected to use a percentage of the grant to create a fundraising program to sustain the operation. SOS! will provide campaign and educational materials to the chapters as well as training, campaign briefings, and other material support.

  • Recruit and provide support to a campaign staff of five or more independent canvassers.
  • Provide educational materials on effective canvassing and campaigning techniques to canvassers.
  • Set monthly fundraising and membership goals and work to hit them.
  • Canvass door-to-door or in public places two to three times each week to raise money, identify and activate members, and educate the public on the issues.
  • Oversee administrative functions related to fundraising, membership development, campaign work and general office management.
City Chapter directors must have previous experience running fundraising and membership efforts for political or nonprofit organizations. You will operate independently, with very little oversight, so you must be able to manage your time well. This is not a standard "clock in, clock out" sort of job. Instead, you will be in charge of setting the hours and days on which you work. However, you will need to reach fundraising milestones and your progress will be reviewed periodically. A college degree is preferred, but equivalent experience is accepted. For more information, e-mail

Independent Fundraisers/Canvassers.

SOS! Florida is currently hiring independent canvassers and fundraisers for the organization.

The major function of the canvasser is to provide tactical support in cultivating a small donor pool and building visibility for SOS! Florida campaigns.

Pay is based on a small stipend plus a percentage of fundraising. SOS! Florida will also provide you with basic organizational materials.

This is not a "clock in, clock out" sort of job. You will need to be able to operate independently with minimal oversight and training.

You must have previous fundraising or member canvassing experience and a proven track record of success. For more information, e-mail